we are using https for secure pages.

we can see http for unsecure pages - products and catalog pages.

we can see https for secure pages - My account, Login pages.

But if we manually type https:// for home , catalog & product pages, its redirecting to https only. but i want to redirect to http

below is for m1.
I need for m2.
Anyone have idea how to do this in m2?

redirect https to http for catalog & Product pages

  • Why would you do this? Making your shop full SSL has so many advantages concerning SEO and security. Please consider going full SSL. Commented Jul 4, 2016 at 8:53
  • use https for unsecure and secure base url, and forget it
    – MagenX
    Commented Jul 4, 2016 at 9:56
  • I also wanna find a solution to this, I am using varnish on unsecure pages, but is not use if all site is redirected to https, did you find one? Commented Apr 4, 2019 at 15:29


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