$httpAdapter = new \Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\AdapterInterface();

give error -

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate interface Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\AdapterInterface.

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  • You cannot interact with an interface except for accessing any defined constants in it or using it for TypeHints. – Keyur Shah Jul 4 '16 at 6:29
  • please give a example how to use it? – Magento2 Devloper Jul 4 '16 at 6:36
  • Why you need this adapter? for curl? – Sohel Rana Jul 4 '16 at 8:51
  • in payment method after success get all data... $res = $this->_postBack($httpAdapter,$this->cgi_url.'/'.'transaccion/' . $this->_request['token'], $header_array, $data); – Magento2 Devloper Jul 4 '16 at 9:00
  • protected function _postBack(Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Interface $httpAdapter,$url, $header_array, $data) { $result = $this->sendRequest($url, Zend_Http_Client::GET, $header_array); if($result){ return $result; } else{ throw new Exception($error); } } – Magento2 Devloper Jul 4 '16 at 9:02

You cannot instantiate an interface, you have to choose a concrete implementation (a class)

The following implementations are built in:

  • Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\Socket
  • Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\Proxy
  • Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\Curl
  • Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\Test

(see: https://framework.zend.com/manual/2.4/en/modules/zend.http.client.adapters.html )

You can instantiate one of these with "new", but usually you would not do that directly, but use the Zend\Http\Client class which takes care of adapter instantiation ("Socket" by default)

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