Building a custom module, where i need to make ajax call. I search on magento project i get


Method being used in


function(customer, urlBuilder, utils) {
    "use strict";
    return {
        getUrlForTotalsEstimationForNewAddress: function(quote) {
            var params = (this.getCheckoutMethod() == 'guest') ? {cartId: quote.getQuoteId()} : {};
            var urls = {
                'guest': '/guest-carts/:cartId/totals-information',
                'customer': '/carts/mine/totals-information'
            return this.getUrl(urls, params);

In order to use this.getUrl() in my custom module, i have added mageUtils and url-builder to my widget js file but don't work.

I would like to know where is it defined ? or how can i use that method ?

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getUrl() function defined in


getUrl: function(urls, urlParams) {
            var url;

            if (utils.isEmpty(urls)) {
                return 'Provided service call does not exist.';

            if (!utils.isEmpty(urls['default'])) {
                url = urls['default'];
            } else {
                url = urls[this.getCheckoutMethod()];
            return urlBuilder.createUrl(url, urlParams);

You can use this function just add file path in your define function.


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