I want set write permission to folder pub/static in magento 2 in windows localhost. can anyone help me how to set write permission to folder usig CLI.


You can give write permission by running below command in your CLI.

takeown /F <folder name>

For Example:

 takeown /F C:\wamp\www\Magento\www\pub\static
  • After apply takeown /F magento2.3, still i am getting error like 'generated' directory permission is read-only. How can i give write permission in windows ? – zus Dec 15 '18 at 10:21

you can Use takeown command to give write permission to the file

takeown /r /d y /f *

^ Recursively give permission to all files without prompting "are you sure".

Use following with icacls set the access control list

icacls * /t /grant Everyone:F

This will recursively grant Full access to user group "Everyone" to all files in the folder.

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