To win some time on product changes i have set some indexes to manual.

Only "Product Prices" and "Stock Status" are set to "Update on save", all others are manual. A cron is sceduled to re-run indexes at an appropriate non-production hour (5am)

But which of the folowing indexes must be refreshed when adding a new product?

  • Product attribute
  • Product flat data
  • Category flat data
  • Categort Products
  • Catalog search index
  • Label Aggregatie Data
  • Catalog Url rewrite

When doing all it takes up to 1-2 hours ....

We use magento 1.8.1 CE

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From my experience with a site that takes 4 hours to do a reindex, this is enough when handling products:

Catalog URL Rewrites
Product Flat Data (if you use flat tables)
Category Products
Catalog Search Index 

Tag Aggregation Data (only if you use them)

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