We currently have multiple websites and stores (store views) in order to support multiple base currencies and languages. We have a seperate subfolder for each website.

Is it possible to do away with the subfolders and have the current store stored in a cookie? This would appear to the user in much the same way switching languages works; you don't see the store view code in the URL.


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There's a lot of related questions like this one. Have you seen this one? Multistore (languages) on one and the same domain (no subdirectories or subdomains)

and the link to hide store code URL: https://github.com/jreinke/magento-hide-default-store-code

  • I'm afraid neither of these are helpful. Currently the $mageRunCode is set by the index.php in each subfolder. I'm looking for a way to avoid subfolders alltogether and have the $mageRunCode set by cookie. A switcher along the line of the language switcher would then support changing websites. Jun 29, 2016 at 19:23

Yes, you can use the same base url for all stores and Magento already stores the current store id in a cookie.

For stores within a website there is already a store (language) switcher built in, now the only thing missing is a way to switch to stores of a different website. The links can be constructed in the same way: ___store=X&___from_store=Y.

So what you have to do is create a modified version of the store switcher template and block that loads all stores instead of just the stores of the current website.

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