How can I export the product image URLs from Magento 1.9?

I've used the import/export tool in Magento 1.9. The resulting CSV file contains no product image URLs.

  • do you need any php script that export product url ? – Jigs Parmar Sep 9 at 4:18

I guess you are excluding the image path field, otherwise that media_image column should be there.

In System\ImportExport\Export select just sku and image path as fields to export. See if it works. Then you can go ahead exporting all attributes which can be lengthy.

  • In my store 20k products, when i used System\ImportExport\Export, its return 'no valid data sent report' how can i trigger System\ImportExport\Export by command Line. – user51361 May 27 '17 at 4:32

This answer may only be viable for certain cases but you could export out your stores relavent catalog_product_flat_n (n being the store id) table if you have access to it via a PHPmyadmin interface.

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