I have a configurable product with one colour and different sizes, both these are set as required fields.

I've set the colour attribute as not required, but then it wont show up when I create a configurable product and wont show on the product page.

How do I get the colour swatch to be automatically selected when the product page loads?

  • What is your question? – Robbie Averill Jun 27 '16 at 12:05
  • How do I get the colour swatch to be automatically selected when the product page loads? – user2240778 Jun 27 '16 at 13:21

Open this file from app\design\frontend[your package][your theme]\template\catalog\product\view\type\options\configurable.phtml

Now add the below javascript code :-

 function fireEvent(element,event){
if (document.createEventObject){
// dispatch for IE
var evt = document.createEventObject();
return element.fireEvent('on'+event,evt)
// dispatch for firefox + others
var evt = document.createEvent("HTMLEvents");
evt.initEvent(event, true, true ); // event type,bubbling,cancelable
return !element.dispatchEvent(evt);
Event.observe(window, 'load', function() {
spConfig.settings[0].selectedIndex = 1;
obj = spConfig.settings[0]; // this grabs the first select item
fireEvent(obj,'change'); // this simulates selecting the first option, which triggers
spConfig.settings[1].selectedIndex = 1; // this selects the first option of the second attribute drop menu

after this code :-

var spConfig = new Product.Config(<?php echo $this->getJsonConfig() ?>);

and flush magento cache and check.

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If you want to go with jQuery in magento so you can trigger with click on color swatches on document ready

jQuery("document").ready(function() {
  setTimeout(function() {  
       jQuery("#configurable_swatch li:last-child a span").trigger('click');
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