I successfully exported my customers from Magento 1 into a CSV and then used the import tool in Magento 2 to import them. On the backend everything looks fine and all customers and addresses are listed.

However, if you try to login from the frontend, it says:

"Invalid login or password."

Looking at the customer csv file I noticed that the password hashes seem to be inconsistent. With some older ones looking like this:


And newer ones down at the bottom of the csv file look like this:


I'm guessing Magento updated their hashing method at some point and this is the result.

Any ideas how to make the older ones compatible with Magento2?


  • Whilst the hash length was updated, this is highly unlikely to be the cause of your issue, as the hashing mechanism wasn't changed. Commented Jun 27, 2016 at 7:58

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When importing hashes into M2, append :0 on to the end of the hash. M2 sees this and then converts the hash accordingly. I did this to my own account when testing. Now, setting on to do a mass import.

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