When I try to do a back up in admin using the utility it gives me the following error

Failed to save backup with error: Utility gzip not found

I have confirmed the gzip is loaded on the server (And I tested it)

Magento EE 2.0.7

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Per Steve's instructions I did the following

php bin/magento support:utility:check -u
Utilities list:
gzip => /bin/gzip
lsof => /usr/sbin/lsof
mysqldump => /usr/bin/mysqldump
nice => /bin/nice
php => /usr/bin/php
tar => /bin/tar
sed => /bin/sed
bash => /bin/bash
mysql => /usr/bin/mysql
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    See if this helps you figure out why gzip appears to be missing. – Steve Johnson Jun 26 '16 at 12:19
  • Steve, I did run the backup command via the CLI and it worked. I also ran the utility you suggested and posted the results. – brentwpeterson Jun 27 '16 at 12:56

From the Magento root directory run:

php bin/magento support:utility:paths

This will generate var/support/Paths.php file and solve this error.

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    This works on 2.1.7. – dchayka Feb 2 '18 at 20:03
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    Works for 2.3.4 as well. – dchayka May 28 at 14:51

The backup should happen even without Paths.php. Try:

apt install gzip
apt install lsof

You can try to generate the backup via command line:

php bin/magento support:backup:code --name mycodebackup -o /var/www/magento2/var/log/
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Note, if your environment does not have a working 'which' command, then this error is generated.

We encountered this on a docker container.


yum install which 

resolved the issue.

Really, the which command should be added to the list of utilities that mage:


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