I tried both Magento v2.1rc3 and Magento2 develop version from git repository.

Problem is that when I tried to change Magento 2 theme, I followed below steps:

Open BO -> Stores -> Configurations -> General -> Design

And I don't see "Design Theme" section with theme select dropdown anymore.

I tried to look deeper in this and found that node with this configuration was removed from system.xml(Magento\Backend module). I found commit with removing this node in history of Magento2 git repository and it has have message "Remove old code."

So, I hope this configuration was moved to some another place in Back Office of Magento. But I don't found it in any of the system.xml files. Maybe someone know why it was done and in what way I can change my Magento 2 theme?

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It seems the theme configuration was moved.

It can be found in main administration menu:

Content -> Design -> Configuration

Click on scope you are interested in(probably the first one) and change 'Applied theme'.

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