I am trying to migrate magento to 2.0.2. I have installed both magento and 2.0.2.

Migration tool was not installed so i downloaded files from git and used in my path E:\wamp\www\migr20\vendor\magento.

Now i trying to execute this code:

php migr20\bin\magento migrate:data -r E:\wamp\www\migr20\vendor\magento\data-migration-tool\etc\config.xml

And I get this error:

[InvalidArgumentException] Command "migrate" is not defined.

What was the mistake here? How to solve this?

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I'd imagine it's most likely some autoload files missing if you manually added the files. Try installing the migration tool using composer.


Some of the files used for migration are missed when manually used the migration tool. I have solved by reinstalling magento2 and installing magento-migration-tool using composer config repositories.magento composer https://repo.magento.com in command prompt.


Whenever Magento2 says it is not recognizing the argument of the command line tool, try to do a DI compile.

rm -rf var/{di,generation}
bin/magento setup:di:compile

It might happen that you have added a module, in this case the migration tool, and you need to (re)compile the code first in order for it to be available.

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