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The update to Magento 1.9.x did not go well and I restored my backup to 1.6x. Now none of the products have any category.

Specifically the question is "Are the products in the expected category?" and the answer is no.

All the category for existing products are gone and say (0) in the quantity. Further since the products both in the admin and front-end have no category, the fornt-end says "there are no products in this category" and the back-end looks like this:

Poduct Category

My problem description seems not to be anywhere to be found in any forum or help as everything seems to describe something close to an input error. I have well over a few thousand products so correcting them one by one would take me a year!!! I have looked in the database but I maybe don't know enough to see what is wrong or missing? I have many backups of the database but I do not know what table to import to correct this? And I do not want to loose my new inventory edits.

At one point I had a link as how to export and import just products but I can't find it as the last time I did something like this was Magento 1.4 something

thanks for your help

nilandtrading.com (formally nilandsplace.com)

  • Did you reindex after restoring? Jun 17, 2016 at 20:12

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If you have backup of your previous database then find the table from backup - catalog_category_product here you can see all products and their categories.

So, rename the table and move to new updated magento database, and then create a custom php script and write sql query to retrieve info from backup table and update to new table.

Try this one, I hope this solves your problem.

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