Magento Version: 2.0.7, Parents Theme: Luma.

I'm trying to translate the welcome message when a client has been identified at the store: Welcome, Name of the Client!

I found strings for translation here:

"Welcome,% 1!", "Welcome,% 1!" Module, Magento_Persistent
"Welcome,% 1!", "Welcome,% 1!" Module, Magento_Theme.

The dictionary file is located at app/i18n/mytema/es_es

But translation is not displayed and continues to display the message in English. I've also tried with the CSV file that is within the custom theme that I created, ie: app/design/frontend/My_Tema/my_theme/i18n. In this file I paste the chain and I have translated .... but nothing.

With layout files Magento_costumer not only translate but also alter the functionality when I create the default.xml file. Does anyone know anything about it?

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Currently there is a bug: translation for strings rendered by javascript does not consider translation from theme file.

Here is pull request that fixes this issue: https://github.com/magento/magento2/pull/4814

As a workaround you can add your translation to translation file of a module.

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