I need to pass customer information to WordPress before s/he logout from Magento Automatically before session expired.

Which Observer event I need to use to resolved this issue?

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There is the event customer_logout. It is dispatched in Mage_Customer_Model_Session::logout() that is called in Mage_Customer_AccountController::logoutAction().
You receive as parameter for the observer the customer instance.

You can build the observer like this:

public function customerLogout($observer) 
    $customer = $observer->getEvent()->getCustomer();
    $customerEmail = $customer->getEmail(); //or any other property
    //do something with $customer or $customerEmail or anything else

[EDIT after the question was edited]
I don't think there is an event thatis fired when the session is expired.
A session can expire for different reasons that don't necessarily depend on the system, like deleting the session cookie or the session file from var/sessions. You cannot track those.

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