So we have a Magento webshop and we suddenly discovered that when you use the "forgot password" funtion, it sends an email with an empty password string.

Now I've looked through a lot of forums and questions but alas, I could not find anything.

I've looked in app/locale/nl_NL/template/email/password_new.html
And I saw the {{htmlescape var=$customer.password}} string.
This one is empty. I've tried some things which were logical to me:

{{htmlescape var=$user.password}}
{{htmlescape var=$password}}

Also, I'm starting to think it might be something else. Or some other template which handles this.

So my questions is, how do I fix this? Where do I look?
I am experienced with PHP so programming related answers are welcome!

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So I've looked even deeper into the web for this problem.
I've found an article which solved my problem.

I removed the new password part and replaced it with some nice text and a link to reset your password.

So, go to your transactional emails, system > transactional emails. Next, go to you forgot password template. Where the layout is that is send to the customer with the new password.

Next up, I created a link like so:

 Did you ask for a new password? Click <a href="{{store url=customer/account/resetpassword/ _query_id=$customer.id _query_token=$customer.rp_token}}">here</a>. <br> If not, please ignore this email.

Save the email, clear cache and reindex just to be sure, and try it again.

Now you get an email with the link so people can change it themselves.

Source: Ashwin Vasava

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