Installed Magento 2 locally successfully locally on MAMP. Added a second store and edited .htaccess and index.php accordingly for a multistore environment.

I then edited the Base URL and Secure Base URL for store 1 to the new url and the admin now goes in a redirect loop.

So when I try to log in to the admin, example: admin.com/admin_12345, it tries to redirect to the store 1 url store1.com/admin_12345 and ends up being a continuous loop until the browser fails.


I had the same problem. Do not edit index.php. Leave it as it is and the problem will be solved. Just change the .htaccess

  • Its not the store that has the redirect issue, its the admin. the admin now loads but under the store url but still does not function properly. – aidin Jun 10 '16 at 21:46

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