• We have a magento installation and three websites with one store and store view each.
    • mywebsite.com/
    • mywebsite.com/store2/
    • mywebsite.com/store3/
  • Each website have different currencies.
  • Share Customer Accounts is set to Global under System->CUSTOMERS->Customer Configuration->Account Sharing Options.

Now if a customer login at mywebsite.com/ and then go to other two websites he/she is logged in that website also, which is working as intended.

But if they login into mywebsite.com/store2/ or mywebsite.com/store3/, and then switch websites, they have to login again, why is this so?

Is this a bug? Or am I doing anything wrong?

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I assume a problem with cookies here.

If you login on the path "/" the cookie is accessible on all sub paths. of you login on "/store2/" it is only accessible on "/store2/" and sub paths, so its not accessible from "/" or "/store3/".

There should be a way to force the cookie domain/path, so every store writes to the cookie to "/"


  • that's right, i'm working on it.
    – Shathish
    Dec 24, 2013 at 4:34

The solution for the problem is here Magento Multiple Website Store - Login.

This allows you to login from anywhere under your domain which will reflect beyond it's scope. This solves the issue mentioned by FlyningMana.

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