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I want to update categories in Magento but the problem is when I click to sub-category (Desktops) the details of that category doesn't show up in the "General Infomation" form.

General Infomation -- doesn't display the details of selected category enter image description here

Also, the number of products in other categories displays zero (0) but there's data exist when you collapsed one of the sub-category.

In System > Index Management: I didn't do "Reindex Data" action

In System > Configuration > Catalog > Frontend (section): My Use Flat Catalog Category,Use Flat Catalog Product is set to No

Should I reindex data and set both flat catalog to yes? To solve my problem?

P.S The front-end is working.

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You could try reindexing the category products in System → Index management as you suggested. If that doesn't work try flushing Cache Storage under System → Cache Management

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