I need to remove tax calculation from cart page. And need to only calculate tax when in checkout.

Example : Cart Page (After stop all the tax calculations and tax displaying) Sub Total : $300 Grand Total : $300

Checkout Page - (assuem tax rate is 10 %) Sub Total : $300 Tax : $10 Grand Total : $330

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If I understand you correctly you want show taxes only on the checkout page. To do that you have to change settings in the same section.

Go to Configuration > Sales Section > Tax

  1. Tax Calculation Method Based On: Totals

  2. Display Shipping Prices: Excluding Tax

  3. Display Subtotal: Excluding Tax

  4. Display Shipping Amount: Excluding Tax

  5. Include Tax In Grand Total: No

  6. Display full tax summary: No - Don't display specific tax values for specific rates. Don't let users expand tax to see what made the grand tax in separated values [i.e. tax for shipping, tax for products 21%].

  7. Display Zero Tax Subtotal - No - If there's a 0 tax value should users see it anyway on subtotal summary?

Additionaly It may require changing template files in:


For More See here.

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