What should i write in my module's config file to override checkout progress block on checkout onepage in magento.

progress phtml is coming from my module after putting folowing code in config and my module's layout file.

In config file

In layout file:
        <reference name='root'>
            <action method='setTemplate'>

But $this object in progress.phtml is not referring to my module's block rather it is referring to core block. ie. I can't access method defined in my module's block class.

What should i write in config to override core block class.


Magento process bar block is Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepage_Progress.

So,you should rewrite that class instead of Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepage.

As per as,magento system at each steps of checkout,magento call an ajax which update details at each checkout progress bar

Just check handlers at checkout.xml

  • checkout_onepage_progress_billing
  • checkout_onepage_progress_shipping
  • checkout_onepage_progress_shipping_method
  • checkout_onepage_progress_payment

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