I would like to set 'Name' and 'Description' attribute to Use Default for a couple of store views.

Like I have those store views.

  • Eng CA
  • Eng USA
  • Fra
  • Spa

So I would like to set globally for all products use the default for the first 2 store views.

I will accept as correct answer a SQL script that set one of the 2 attributes to Use Default for a Store view


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Attribute are defined in eav_attribute table.

On Magento 1.4 those has these ID:

  • short Description -> 506
  • Description -> 97
  • Name -> 96

Where data are stored:

  • Values for NAME attribute are stored in catalog_product_entity_varchar table.
  • Values for DESCRIPTION attribute are stored in catalog_product_entity_text table.

How it works

  • Magento creates a new row in the above tables for every scope (store) where I have deselect 'use default'
  • Values for General Scope has 0 as store_id

So basically I neet to delete all values for attribute 96 and 97 that are related to the Eng CA and Eng USA storeview from catalog_product_entity_varchar

Suppose those store view has id 1 and 4


FOR NAME attribute:

SELECT * FROM `catalog_product_entity_varchar` WHERE `attribute_id` = 96 AND (`store_id` = 1 OR `store_id` = 4)


SELECT * FROM `catalog_product_entity_text` WHERE (`attribute_id` = 97 OR `attribute_id` = 506 ) AND (`store_id` = 1 OR `store_id` = 4)

:) if you want to remove them change 'SELECT *' with 'DELETE'

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