I've seen solutions to extend and change the subject. I have created my own theme. I could change colors and some styles that are predefined in the file _theme.less

But I can not change other styles that does not come preset in that file. Specifically I wanted to change the styles that apply to static blocks of the home page and/or category view pages.

I have located the style and I copied in _theme.less:

`.training-erin .content { width: 30%; top: 16px; bottom: 16px; right:` 16px; }

I have emptied the cache, the store is in development mode and is compiled on the browser side. But nothing.

Should we use other notations in _theme.less ?, it is necessary to modify the layout to incorporate a custom css sheet?

Thanks in advance.


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you need to first override _layout file.


you can write here your css as your requirement.

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