Do we need to include the class in the constructor?

In Magento 1, we simply use zend_debug::dump()->debug to debug object, how about for Magento 2?


You can use simply following way:


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  • \Zend_Debug is not working in magento 2.3, so do you have any idea how to run \Zend_Debug::dump(); in magento 2.3 ? – Aasim Goriya Feb 20 '19 at 14:02

You can also import Zend_Debug class at the top of your class file:

use Zend_Debug;

Then, your code will work as normal:


OR, you can directly instantiate the object of the class. For this, you don't need to import the class but have to use "backslash" infront of the Zend_Debug class name.


Reference: PHP Documentation on Using namespaces: Aliasing/Importing

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  • in some class, i can use it, but sometimes it cant, do you have any ideas? – leo Mar 16 '17 at 7:45

Zend_Debug gone from 2.3


Affected modules:

  • Zend_Debug

Action: Affected modules and classes were removed.

Reason: They are no longer used in Magento or Marketplace extensions, are expensive and time-intensive to maintain, and can cause potential security risks if not maintained properly.

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  • Thanks for the updates, seems v2.3 removed many Zend functions. Do you know what is another good function for outputing debug message? Just var_dump? – leo Jan 14 '19 at 3:55
  • That was the Magento teams way of getting 2.3 php 7.2 compatible. I used Zend_Debug all the time. I've been using echo <pre>; var_dump($var); – Dominic Xigen Jan 15 '19 at 16:51
  • I've given this more thought magento.stackexchange.com/a/283483/70343 – Dominic Xigen Jul 27 '19 at 10:32

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