i have created a config product with 3 simple products associated to it.

Ex: Config product: Myproduct

Simple products: Myproduct 1, Myproduct 2, Myproduct 3

Myproduct 1 is set to instock and qty to 10 and other two simple products are out of stock. what i am seeing in frontend is Myproduct 2 which is actually out of stock and also i cannot see the add to cart button for this product which is showing Myproduct 2. I am getting this issue for this product only, for other config products everything is fine. So i really dont have any idea where to start this. please someone help me friends

Thank You

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In the configurable product check the inventory settings to show as the product is in stock as by the sounds of it it will be currently showing as out of stock

  • hi, curtisc thanks for aswering. i have tried what u said, but still i am having the issue Jun 6, 2016 at 15:39

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