as i was creating new module in magento2 which has table so when i was going through existing modules i found this function

$indexes= array();

we are just creating array ok fine.

but if you go further you find this function

foreach($indexes AS $index)

i did not get what exactly going through and why we are using this $indexes array.

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Well, I'm not totally sure what you're asking exactly.

Basically the array you're describing is an array of database indexes.

In your case, it's empty but it usually contains a list of table columns that will be used for database index.

Here's a very simple example for the cms_block_store table:

        $installer->getIdxName('cms_block_store', ['store_id']),

The first parameter generates an unique index name:

$installer->getIdxName('cms_block_store', ['store_id'])

The second parameter is an array of columns that will be used for the index.


There can also be a third parameter for option such as the index type:

['type' => AdapterInterface::INDEX_TYPE_FULLTEXT]

The details of the addIndex method can be found under Magento/Framework/DB/Ddl/Table.php

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