I had purchased and installed a search autocomplete extension in my old theme. I recently changed my theme. How can i use the same extension in my new theme.


In order get this,you need some study about magento module structure.

You need to checkout below tutorials:

Basically you need to copy [assume that your module name is X]

  • your module main configuration from app/etc/modules
  • Your module from app/code/[MOdule_CodePOOL]/

In my concept,as your extension is on search autocomplete that mean there may be some layout files,phtml files, and js exits,.

layout files you can find at

app/design/frontent/Your_pacakage/Yourthene folder/layout

or app/design/frontend/base/default/layout

template files you can find at

app/design/frontend/Your_package/Yourtheme folder/template

or app/design/frontent/base/default/template

js files you can find at at

skin/frontend/Your_pacakage/Yourtheme folder/

or js

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