I have an issue with my Magento shop based on Magento

In backend if you check the screenshots you'll see that I have 2 attributes (global, dropdown, included for configurable products):

  • Size: A / B
  • Color: Black / White

After that based on this attributes, you'll see 2 product combinations created:

  • A + Black
  • B + White

The problem is, when I choose in frontend Size A, in the second dropdown I should see just Black, and hiding White because I don't have a combination like "A + White"

Same for B, in the second dropdown I should see just white, but i see both white and black.

I found that is a bug just on because I installed an older fresh Magento 1.8 and this bug does not exist.

The customer shouldn't be allowed to choose product combinations which are not created in backend. How can I solve this in ?



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I faced the same problem. And i don't know where it cames from.

In my case there was a problem with the following file:


Try to replace it with a new version from magento, theme or earlier version.

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