I've some problems with updating the name of my product. I'm using the REST CALL API.

Here's the PHP Code

Here's My PHP code

Here's the error

Here's the error

I'm using the PUT REST CAll from product repository, to update the name of a product. Getting this error and just can't seem to find out why.

EDIT 1 : I managed to pass by this error by giving the attributesetId i use, he then threw ma an error that i needed to give the SKU in the json string, I did that, and now he throws me an error that I can't save the product, reason for this is that you can't update the SKU number because it's unique. Why do I need to add the SKU in my json file, i already gave it by with the rest call, as i add the sku after the URL ?


Magento use Upsert for PUT request. You need provide full data to update entity.

So, get entity by id, update needed filed and use put to update it

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