I am facing below error when i migrate from CE1.7.0.2 to CE2.0.7,

[2016-06-03 05:34:59][ERROR]: Incorrect value: ultramegamenu/category_attribute_source_block_proportions in: eav_attribute.source_model for attribute_code=umm_cat_block_proportions
[2016-06-03 05:34:59][ERROR]: Incorrect value: ultramegamenu/category_attribute_source_categorylabel in: eav_attribute.source_model for attribute_code=umm_cat_label
[2016-06-03 05:34:59][INFO][mode: data][stage: volume check][step: EAV Step]: failed

I checked the config.xml file:


Can anyone help me with this error.

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I found the answer,

We can ignore these attributes by adding its code to etc/ce-to-ce/eav-attribute-groups.xml.dist You can find the code of attribute in the error message


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