How can i create multiple courier service options in shipping method and price calculated by weight for individual product for both service.

eg :

  • Professional courier [10.2 INR]
  • Aramax Courier [12.5 INR]

enter image description here


As you got its solution already i am posting a answer here with just a thought that it will help others. You might be not able to post a answer for your own question.

You are using a Webshop Matrix rate extension for a shipping method. They provide a facility to set a rate for different courier in Delivery Type column so to achieve this you need to make use of this column as follows.

enter image description here

which will help you to show two different courier at checkout page.

Hope this will help others.

  • shall i import using MAGMI – Gem Aug 29 '16 at 5:24
  • bro, i get 2 same courier rates – Gem Nov 5 '16 at 7:32
  • How can i solve it, – Gem Nov 5 '16 at 7:33
  • i.imgur.com/zrvw3Pv.png – Gem Nov 5 '16 at 7:33
  • Is possible can i enter weight as KG in webshopapps metrix rate, because Default UPS, FEDEX, DHL required products weight as KG, but i am using Grams for webshopapps metrix rate. Is possible can i use products weight as KG in webshopapps metrix rate. – zus Mar 22 '18 at 6:28

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