I have an instance of a product object:

$_product = $this->getProduct();

Here is a sample from the product object

object(Varien_Data_Collection)#405 (13) {
  array(1) {
    object(Varien_Object)#394 (7) {
      array(11) {
        string(1) "1"
        string(17) "/h/a/image.jpg"
        string(0) ""
        string(1) "1"
        string(1) "0"
        string(1) "1"
        string(1) "0"
        string(66) "http://domain.domain.domain/media/catalog/product/h/a/image.jpg"
        string(1) "1"
        string(73) "/home/domain/public_html/magento/media/catalog/product/h/a/image.jpg"
      array(0) {
      array(0) {

I want to access the "url" inside the object Varien_Object identified by 1 inside the object Varien_Data_Collection identified by "media_gallery_images". This seems easy enough, right?

$url = $_product->getMediaGalleryImages()->get1()->getUrl();

This echos an error into my source:

<b>Fatal error</b>:  Call to undefined method Varien_Data_Collection::get1() in <b>[filepath]

So I'm getting halfway there, but the magic method get1() isn't working. I don't know enough about how these methods work to understand why.

How I access the element that I want to access (["url"])?


Okay so this works specifically for the url

$url = chop($_product->getMediaConfig()->getMediaUrl($_product->getMediaGallery('images')['file']), "/")  . $_product->getImage();

But honestly there has to be a way to do it how I was trying to originally. That "general" solution would save me from running into problems with this further in development.


Okay, I don't know how nobody could answer this, but I found this solution after I went back to it with a better understanding of magic methods. Here is the solution.

$url = $_product->getMediaGalleryImages()->getItems()[$_product->getId()]->getUrl();

Notice that _items can be accessed with getItems(), then treated as the array that it is. In the example shown above, the product id was 1 (hence the get1() I originally tried).

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To add to the accepted answer, the solution works because Varien_Data_Collection::getItems() returns an array.

You could also loop $product->getMediaGalleryImages() until you find the index you're looking for, since Varien_Data_Collection implements IteratorAggregate, and its getIterator() method returns an ArrayIterator of it's items (array):

# File: /lib/Varien/Data/Collection.php
 * Implementation of IteratorAggregate::getIterator()
public function getIterator()
    return new ArrayIterator($this->_items);

Also useful is the ->getItemById() method on the collection to return a specific item from the collection:

$url = $product->getMediaGalleryImages()->getItemById($product->getId())->getUrl();
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