When developing themes and modules for Magento 2 I came across a barrier, how can I debug better? So I come here to ask, what are the best developer toolbars for Magento 2?


I tested the best developer toolbars, I'll put down the more I liked it.

  1. ADM/QuickDevBar

Info : Information about controller, route, action and store. A dedicated tab output a phpinfo.

Design : List handles called and display layout structure of nested blocks and containers

Profile : View current observers, all events dispatched and collections, models loaded

Queries : Statistics about executed queries and detailed query listing with syntax highlighting of main SQL keywords

Logs : Display log files with ability to reset these files

Actions : Easily toggle template hints and inline translation and flush cache

  1. Mirasvit/Module-profiler

  2. Balloz/Magento2-developer-toolbar


The best developer toolbar I came accross is the one developed by Alan Storm called Commerce Bug ($99.95)

It handles:

  • Details of the request
  • List of CRUD Models calls
  • List of collections calls
  • List of blocks
  • Details of the layout
  • List of other classes calls
  • List of events dispatched
  • List of observers called
  • An alias lookup tool
  • System tasks actions such as cache clearing, template hints toggling, Magento logging toggling, inline translation toggling.

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