Is there any way we can create shopping cart price rules based on store-views.

discount should apply only for particular store views ?


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I think, there's no DEFAULT way for this. Though you can do this per website because the price can be set on a Global or Website level only.

But there is an option that you can think of:

You can create websites equals to the no. of stores and assign one store per one website.

Then update OR assign your catalog (I mean, products) according to NEWLY created websites. Or you can do "Change attributes" to update all/multiple products.

Then assign you Shopping Cart Rule to appropriate Websites.

  • which is having more advantages - websites or stores , also please check here Commented May 30, 2016 at 16:32

Price is a global attribute. Correspondingly, price rules are also created on a website level. In this case, a product can't have various prices per store views. Magento works in this way.


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