I want to remove default store code and index.php from my url.

I have installed one module for remove default store code form url but after remove store core from url my site can not open without index.php.

If I allow default store code in url than I can remove index.php and site working fine.

so can anyone help to remove both("index.php" and "store code") from magento URL.

Thanks Dhvanit


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You can remove the index.php in the frontend URLs performing the following steps in Magento's admin section:

In System -> Configuration -> Web -> Search Engines Optimizations, select YES.

Edit the /installdir/.htaccess and uncomment the line:

RewriteBase /magento/

In my case the subdirectory Magento is in is called magento, so change it to your subdirectory path if it is different.

For hide store url see here.

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