Sometimes i see a strange gclid parameter in our url, for example: https://www.marington.nl/mode/tassen/shop/cognac/leer/?gclid=CI7s-5Xk-csCFVG6Gwod40EGCg. How is this possible?

Thanks for your help!


I think you got this url from the google search:

Gclid is a globally unique tracking parameter (Google Click Identifier) used by Google to pass information back and forth between Google AdWords and Google Analytics. If you enable URL auto tagging in Google AdWords, Google will append a unique ?gclid parameter on your destination URLs at run-time. Because it is a redirect, you won't see any gclid parameters on your ad words text ad destination url's, but it will show up in your Web server log files. Auto tagging was introduced in 2004 and is on by default in any Google AdWords accounts.


Additional info from the google support.

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