Does someone know which Magento module allow to do product list look like this : https://www.gemmyo.com/pour-elle/les-essentiels/bagues.html ?



It's not really a module, it's more of a theming - you can edit list.phtml to get the list to look like that

  • Thx for your answer, I think it's more than editing list.phtml from an administration point of view. There is also image with link inside the list. I doubt it is a bloc static nomenclature like "img_cat_ID_row_2". Also all the list doesn't look exactly the same, for example gemmyo.com/pour-elle/les-essentiels/bracelets.html. Maybe it is a custom module developped by this brand, or an existing one ? Maybe Magento 2 ... ? – Lanks May 27 '16 at 7:49

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