I have configurable products on my website.

Suppose there is a product whose base price is 100$ now there are two config product associated with it.

1) color - 3$

2) size - 2$

Now what default magento does is it shows 105$ as config price but what i want is, The base price should remain constant and the additional price should be shown separately.

Like : 100$ + 3$ + 5$ : 105$

I tried to locate it from price.phtml but i think its coming from JS. Can anyone suggest how can this be done or from where should i start digging in.


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The js that handles the configuration changes for configurable products is js/varien/configurable.js.
You might want to take a look at the function reloadPrice inside the Product.Config class in the file I mentioned. You can try to change it, so it won't add the prices just compose a string with it.
And in order not to change a core file, take a look at this explanation by @Fooman on how to extend the js classes in Magento.

  • I reviewed the function reloadPrice, There i found funtion optionsPrice.changePrice() is used to change the price. Now i want the price to change but in the manner eg : 100+10+12 etc. Also the name of option should be displayed along with price eg: 100 + 10 red color + 12 blue color. I found another function getOptionLabel which is used to get the option label. But i don't know how to use it and how to return the value. Can you please help me in it
    – Dexter
    Dec 11, 2013 at 9:11

The price-calculation for configurable products is implemented in file /js/varien/configurable.js

a good start is to digg in is at line: 272 and in line 291 the price will be inserted

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