I need to add a custom row below grand total row. I have tried code from


It adds custom row but above grand total. I have tried to add a large value to tag totals_sort in config.xml but it is not working.

Also when I pass value for custom row it is formatted to amount with store currency. Like if I pass value as 100 then in totals section it will be shown as $100. But I need to show it as 100 ABC


Please see screen shot below.

enter image description here

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    did you found a solution?
    – M.Elwan
    Commented May 4, 2017 at 7:15

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It is not obvious but totals have 2 different areas: main (code null) and footer (code footer). Regardless how do you sort your custom total it will always be above grand total (which is in a footer area) if it is in a main area.

So the solution is quite straightforward - add your total to footer area too. In order to do so in an array that fetch method of your total class returns add 'area' => 'footer'.

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