I've created a CMS Page.

URL Key = about/page1.

I've created some Categories. One of them, category #1, it's called about.

URL Key = about

and its first subcategory, category #2, is named Page

URL Key = page1.

I want both categories to redirect to about/page1 CMS page.

My understanding is that I'll have a system rewrite:

from category/1 to catalog/category/view/id/1  and 
from category/2 to catalog/category/view/id/2.

What URL Rewrites I'd need to add for redirecting both categories to my CMS Page? So if I click on both category links, the page about/page1 is opened?


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Follow these step for url rewrite:

  1. Find Magento URL Rewrite Management - by going to Catalog > Rewrite Management

  2. Select Add URL Rewrite

  3. Select the custom option from the drop down

  4. Now you will see few options:

ID Path: Is the unique identifier for this rewrite. This should just be custom, but is only used for admin purposes

Request Path: Is the URL you would like to redirect

Target Path: Is the URL you would like the Request Path directed to

Redirect: You always want this to be permanent as 302 (or temporary redirects) do not pass any of the link juice to the new URL.

Description: This is an optional description field. Use this to keep notes on what and why you set this URL redirect up

Fill these fields out correctly

Click Save- This should be the job done.

Quickly try out your redirect to make sure it’s working correctly


Why not simplify your setup and instead of having 3 separate entities, reduce it 2.

Copy all of your CMS Page content into a Static Block and give it a name & identifier.

Take Category #1 and change it's Display Settings to the following:

Display Mode - Static Block Only

CMS Block - Choose your new block with CMS Page contents

Now you have your About page contents in a category, and you can setup one redirect/rewrite from Category #2 to this Category #1

There's also the handy (but sloppy) layout update with JS you can use:

<reference name="head">
    <block type="core/text" name="SOME.BLOCK.NAME.HERE">
        <action method="setText">
            <text><![CDATA[<script type="text/javascript">location.replace("https://www.WEBSITE.com/CUSTOM-REDIRECT");</script>]]></text>

If you choose to, you can update the Custom Design category tab's Page Layout to 1 column if you don't want to show left or right sidebars. The JS redirect isn't clean can cause a slight delay when loading, so your URL rewrite is probably still the best option.

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