I am wondering how I would go about giving all errors in Magento other than 404 errors a custom errror page that says something along the lines of "Something went wrong". I want all of them to pull up the same error page. How would I go about this?


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In folder /var/www/html/errors copy folder called default and name it {your name}, then in local.xml in /var/www/html/errors place this code

   <skin>{your name}</skin>

Then go to /var/www/html/errors/{your name} and modify your error pages as you see fit including css and images. Don't forget to set the correct variables in processor.php

For more detailed information follow this link.


You can select design of error page in {root_dir}/erros folder. In design.xml change code:


And in this folder create new folder {your_skin_name} and copy files from /errors/default to this folder and than you can edit them.

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