I'm trying to build a CRUD module for Magento 2.
In this module, one of my entities has a "many to many" relation with the products.
For this, I need to add a section in my add/edit form where I can select the products.
I want to do this using form ui components, not with tabs.
I thought I could replicate the way the related products are done in the product add/edit form.
But there is a problem. I don't understand how is that added to the product form.
From what I saw, the product form uses ui components.
So how is the related products section added to the product edit screen?

  • which version are you using? In the current stable release the ui component for inserting a listing into another ui component is not implemented yet, but it should come in 2.1 I think. Maybe it's easier to develop against 2.1 here: github.com/magento/magento2/blob/develop/app/code/Magento/Ui/… – David Verholen May 24 '16 at 16:14
  • I'm using 2.0.something. But there is something implemented for related products. I'm trying to mimic that behavior. – Marius May 24 '16 at 16:21
  • I would recommend implementing it for 2.1, since the product admin implementation (like many others) changed drastically. Sure it depends when you need this ready. Have a look at the ui_component dir in 2.0 and 2.1: github.com/magento/magento2/tree/2.1/app/code/Magento/Catalog/… – David Verholen May 24 '16 at 17:19
  • I don't need it for now. It is for learning purposes. I was trying to replicate the behavior for reated products but I do not know how this is done. – Marius May 24 '16 at 17:46
  • in 2.0 it's added pretty oldschool in the Tabs Class: github.com/magento/magento2/blob/2.1/app/code/Magento/Catalog/… which makes an ajax call on the related controller which loads a block with a serialized grid. I'll bookmark this since I also want to try something like this in 2.1 soon, but currently I don't have the time unfortunately – David Verholen May 24 '16 at 17:59

Based on the guidance from @DavidVerholen I managed to find out how the related products are added to the product add/edit page.
The ui component must have a data provider class associated to it.
For products this data provider is Magento\Catalog\Ui\DataProvider\Product\Form\ProductDataProvider.
This is assigned to the ui component in product_form.xml

<dataSource name="product_form_data_source">
    <argument name="dataProvider" xsi:type="configurableObject">
        <argument name="class" xsi:type="string">Magento\Catalog\Ui\DataProvider\Product\Form\ProductDataProvider</argument>

But this data provider supports modifiers.
each modifier can do 2 things.

  • change the configuration of the ui component
  • change the data attached to the component.

The product form component has a lot of modifiers attached to it in adminhtml/di.xml.
One of these modifiers is the Related modifier

<virtualType name="Magento\Catalog\Ui\DataProvider\Product\Form\Modifier\Pool" type="Magento\Ui\DataProvider\Modifier\Pool">
        <argument name="modifiers" xsi:type="array">
            <item name="related" xsi:type="array">
                <item name="class" xsi:type="string">Magento\Catalog\Ui\DataProvider\Product\Form\Modifier\Related</item>
                <item name="sortOrder" xsi:type="number">110</item>
<type name="Magento\Catalog\Ui\DataProvider\Product\Form\ProductDataProvider">
        <argument name="pool" xsi:type="object">Magento\Catalog\Ui\DataProvider\Product\Form\Modifier\Pool</argument>

the modifier for related is an instance of Magento\Catalog\Ui\DataProvider\Product\Form\Modifier\Related.
There are 2 methods in this modifier that are important.

  • modifyMeta: this one modifies the ui component structure by adding an other fieldset with related products, up-sells and cross-sells.
  • modifyData: retrieves the related products (and other relations) from the db and attaches the values to the data that should appear in the form.

I guess I could try the same approach on my ui component.

  • Is there any way to call my custom phtml in product edit form ? Or any way to use my custom render by using UI component ? @Marius – Keyur Shah Jun 28 '16 at 6:18
  • @KeyurShah. I haven't figured that out yet. – Marius Jun 28 '16 at 6:18
  • Do you have any reference for that ?, It's too much confusing for me @Marius – Keyur Shah Jun 28 '16 at 6:20
  • you can take a look at how the modifiers are added via di.xml. Try to add your own modifier and check maybe one of the core modifiers adds a custom phtml to the form. – Marius Jun 28 '16 at 6:27
  • Can i add field depends form ui component magento 2 by this – mrtuvn Aug 17 '16 at 8:29

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