*As the Title says, i need a CMS Page where customers can upload a jpeg/png file to prove that he/she shared a product on facebook/twitter. The page should have Name and email fields as well.

  • Another CMS Page where customers can ask for a specific product, with a message after submit button is pressed that "We will look on your needs bla bla".

Thank you in advance

  • Did you manage to resolve your issue? – Sander Mangel Feb 24 '14 at 21:04

A CMS page can't really handle forms. You will need to create an extension with a controller that handles the displaying of the forms and handles the incoming post action.

This post by Inchoo tells you more about creating a custom contact form. I would suggest using that as a starting point. And on fileuploading I would suggest this post on Decryptweb.

If you're not familiar with building extensions might I suggest this webforms extension. I've used it once before and the client was happy with what it could do. It might help you build your forms as well.

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