I understand why and how Magento uses the secondary/pseudo constructor e.g. the constructor that begins with a single underscore.

Is there a specific name for this method:

pseudo constructor secondary constructor etc.


I've never seen anything official on this over the years — I vacillate between calling it Magento's pseudo-constructor or Magento's internal-constructor. Looking at the method definition

#File: lib/Varien/Object.php
 * Internal constructor not depended on params. Can be used for object initialization
protected function _construct()

it looks like Internal constructor is the closest thing we have to a proper name.

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Syntactically is it a method. With this interpretation the name is badly chosen :-)

I don't think there is something like a "pseudo constructor", "second constructor", etc.

A constructor is a method which is called AUTOMATICALLY, and there is onle one which is called automatically in php: __construct.

And to be honest: I don't understand why and how magento uses this concept, please explain :-)

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    The why is to have a place for constructor like behavior without needing to worry about parameters into the constructor. This way people writing classes that inherit from Varien_Object can have a constructor for initialization without worrying about what parameters the parent class used (as they'd have to if they redefined the real constructor) – Alan Storm Dec 9 '13 at 22:49

There is a stackoverflow question already out there with some more details on both Alan and Fabians answer:

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