I have a multistore freshly installed (ca. 100 simple products on one store, the other is empty) on a shared hosting server and it went from a situation where it was fast and usable to incredibly slow, in a matter of a day. No significant changes were made so I can't understand the problem.

Enabling the profiler shows that magento->LAYOUT->layout_render takes more than 25 seconds to execute, both in admin and frontend.

CPanel shows limitations on CPU usage and I/O usage.

Could you put me in the right way to debug the problem?

UPDATE EDIT: the slow behavior was due to the merging and minify options of js and css set to Yes in the configuration

  • Can you check if the multistore is still in developer mode? Because if it is these options might slow down your loading since (what i understand) it will create the .min.css and .min.js every time you load a page. It needs to be in production mode – CompactCode Jul 29 '17 at 2:33
  • i just upgraded from magento 2.1 to 2.2, and layout_render is 7 times slower than magento 2.1 – Doni Wibowo Jan 23 at 6:38

We had this same problem too. We were able to work around this issue by setting Magento Config > Advanced > Developer > CSS Settings > Merge CSS Files = No.

We did not see this issue with these other configs set to yes: Minify CSS Files = Yes Merge JavaScript Files = Yes Enable JavaScript Bundling = Yes Minify JavaScript Files = Yes

We saw 10 second slow down on product and category pages. We did not notice this behavior on the home page.

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