$deal_m = Mage::getModel('dailydeals/deal')->load($deal_ids, 'deal_id');

I can understand this above code will get the values for deal_id=$deal_ids from the deal table.But I don't know the process or logic behind this ->load(),->getData().

Can any one please explain this process or suggest me any learning tutorials?

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Well the load() method is a read from the database.

  • first parameter is the id
  • second parameter is the column that will be used as the identifier

In your case and assuming that it is a flat entity, the first line corresponds to something like this:

select * from dailydeals_table where deal_id = $deal_ids;

NB: I'm not sure what you table name exactly is, it's probably different than dailydeals_table

The getData() method returns the retrieved values as an array.


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