I have a statement that would be really easy to write out (see below) but I can't seem to figure it out for Magento. The statement is:

SELECT * FROM addresses
    $postcode_from BETWEEN (pc_from AND pc_to)
    OR $postcode_to BETWEEN (pc_from AND pc_to)
    OR (
        $postcode_from <= pc_from
        AND $postcode_to >= pc_to

Is this going to be possible or am I going to have to write out the statement and manually feed it to Magento?


Here's what I've got currently. It works but is messy:

$select = $read->select()->from($table);
    $read->quoteInto(" ( ? >= postcode_from", $upload['postcode_from']) .
    $read->quoteInto(" AND ? <= postcode_to )", $upload['postcode_from']) .
    $read->quoteInto(" OR ( ? >= postcode_from ", $upload['postcode_to']) .
    $read->quoteInto(" AND ? <= postcode_to )", $upload['postcode_to']) .
    $read->quoteInto(" OR ( ? <= postcode_from ", $upload['postcode_from']) .
    $read->quoteInto(" AND ? >= postcode_to )", $upload['postcode_to'])

$selection = $read->fetchAll($select);


For anyone confused as to what I am trying to achieve:

I have pc_from_1 and pc_to_1. these are stored in the database.

I also have pc_from_2 and pc_to_2. These are from user input.

I want to check if any of the following occurs:

// Where this
      pc_from_1           pc_to_1
pc_from_2       pc_to_2

//or this
      pc_from_1           pc_to_1
                 pc_from_2            pc_to_2

// Or this
      pc_from_1           pc_to_1
pc_from_2                         pc_to_2
// occurs

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You should be able to use this:

$postcode_from = 'your_from_number';
$postcode_to = 'your_to_number';
$collection = Mage::getResourceModel('customer/address_collection');
    ->addFieldToFilter('postcode', array('gteq' => $postcode_from))
    ->addFieldToFilter('postcode', array('lteq' => $postcode_to))

foreach($collection as $item)
   echo $item->getPostcode()."<br>";

This should give you list of postcode between the range.


To have multiple OR conditions:

            array('gteq' => $postcode_from),
            array('lteq' => $postcode_to)
            array('lteq' => $postcode_from), 
            array('gteq' => $postcode_to)  

Check this for ref.

  • Thanks for your answer but this only covers one of the BETWEENs. I need to check both BETWEENs and the final lteq and gteq statements too but wwith OR conditions between each one
    – Wildcard27
    May 23, 2016 at 1:38
  • Check my update. May 23, 2016 at 1:50
  • I have just updated my answer to show what I am trying to achieve. I hope this makes more sense now
    – Wildcard27
    May 23, 2016 at 1:53

The condition you described can be simplified to pc_from_1 >= pc_from 2 OR pc_to_1 <= pc_to_2. This way you don't need to check for all three cases separately.

You can combine conditions on different fields with OR, using the following syntax:

    ['postcode_from', 'postcode_to'],
    [['gteq' => $upload['postcode_from'], ['lteq' => $upload['postcode_to']]);
  • First parameter: array of fields
  • Second parameter: array of conditions

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