I am straggling making a module for a site that needs something like photo gallery.My problem is that i am trying to do the same media uploader that magento uses for products.I can't understand how it is implemented or how i can do it for my module.I tried to follow those links: x Add Media Uploader to Custom Module but i can't find the code attached or how to do it.So my question is how can i start with it?Is there anything i can read to understand what do i need to implement the same media uploding process that products have?


I would say, start here:


The flex uploader makes a real HTTP upload, this means the controller handles just a standard upload.

On the client side a Flex.Uploader is instantiated:

new Flex.Uploader(
    'ID of the html div container',
    '<?php echo $this->getUploaderUrl('media/uploader.swf') ?>',
    <?php echo $this->getConfigJson() ?>

And the config you get from here:


Good luck.

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