On checkout page, what is the class (PHP) that provides data to "mage-cache-storage", which is a key in 'Local Storage'. About 'Local Storage': https://superuser.com/questions/356494/what-is-store-in-local-storage-used-for-in-chrome

I'm interested specifically by 'shippingAddressFromData' object from JSON with key 'mage-cache-storage'.

I'd like to know where is the declaration in php/xml side of Magento 2 that links 'shippingAddressFromData' and the php code that provides the data for it.

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I think the Shipping Address Data is loaded from the Checkout Config Object: https://github.com/magento/magento2/blob/develop/app/code/Magento/Checkout/Model/DefaultConfigProvider.php#L323

The Checkout is built from a single block with a pretty complex js layout, which then loads the ui components which render the checkout. (https://github.com/magento/magento2/blob/develop/app/code/Magento/Checkout/view/frontend/layout/checkout_index_index.xml#L11)

Somehow, the ui components have to receive the session specific data and configuration. I think this happens here: https://github.com/magento/magento2/blob/develop/app/code/Magento/Checkout/view/frontend/templates/onepage.phtml#L26

The method getCheckoutConfig returns a merged config from a list of ConfigProviderInterfaces, which is implemented by the DefaultConfigProvider


Object returned by method shippingAddressFromData stored in browsers LocalStorage and was saved during filling shipping address form (on key press event)

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