I'm creating a function called getAttributeTitle() which basically as the name suggests, gets the name of the title. I have hit a wall however and tried searching many things but couldn't really find anything - my goal is to return the value in a template file $this->getAttributeTitle but the foreach obviously would only return the last value in the foreach - not dynamic

here's my code:

public function getAttributeTitle() {
    $attributeTitle = $this->getAttributes();
    foreach ($attributeTitle as $attrTitle) {
        $title = str_replace('_', ' ', $attrTitle);

    return $attributeTitle;

all I want is foreach of the attribute titles - return the title in a user friendly way but not sure how - any ideas?


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You're pretty close. You have a couple options: return an Array or return a string from an array.

Here's how I'd return a string of all titles separated by a space:

public function getAttributeTitle() {
    $titles = array();
    foreach ($this->getAttributes() as $title) {
        $titles[] = str_replace('_', ' ', $title);

    return implode(' ', $titles);

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